What you can trade

We have sourced top tier price feeds from key liquidity providers to ensure we offer you competitive spreads.
You can access these through the market leading MT4 platform, including the mobile version.


The leading global indices


Go long or short on 15 global indices


Contracts from $10


24 hour trading

CFDs, or Contract For Differences, are derivative products that allow you to trade on market price movements without needing to own the underlying financial instrument on which the contract is based.

You can decide to sell (short) on a trade where you could profit from falling prices or buy (long) on a trade where you could profit from an increase in price. You could also choose to hedge existing index positions in your portfolio.

24 hour currency trading


trade 45 Currency Pairs


spreads as low as 0.6


up to 1:400 leverage

The Foreign Exchange market is the world’s largest financial market with over $5.3 trillion traded daily.

With no centralised marketplace, currencies can be traded 24 hours a day, creating a great opportunity for traders to both hedge and speculate on currency movements.
Hedge out investment portfolio risk with margin trading currencies and hold positions for the short or long-term with PhillipCapital UK, safe in the knowledge your trade has satisfied best execution and executed through top tier liquidity providers.

Commodity trading


trade gold from $75


spreads as low as $0.029


liquidity providers

Commodities can follow market trends or be counter-cyclical, historically, Gold has been considered a safe haven asset for traders and investors. Trading commodities can complement your portfolio and capitalise on volatility in the global market.

Trading commodities gives investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio and hedge their risk.

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