"At PhillipCapital, our word is our bond."

- David Wileman, CEO

It’s not just David’s word that counts
Directly regulated by the UK's FCA, PhillipCapital UK treats client management and protection as a priority.
We want you to be successful in your trading and stay with us for the long-term, your success is our success.
With us, our word will always be our bond.

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Reputation matters

PhillipCapital UK is focused on the CFD, FX and commodities markets.

We are part of the PhillipCapital Group of companies that was founded 40 years ago in Singapore and now has offices in 16 countries.

The group has over $1bn in shareholder funds and $28bn in client assets under custody and management globally.

PhillipCapital is a name you can trust.

Built on strong values

As a group, we all abide by the same values. We believe these values and their promise to you, makes us different. We treat our clients as partners, who we wish to support and work alongside to provide the optimal products and services for their trading experience.

Act with integrity

We do things in the right way – FCA approved, dedicated UK teams, solid compliance – so you can trust that we’ll be there for you.

Offer industry leading service

We endeavour to offer the best service we can to our customers. An experienced member of our team will always answer your call.

Our client’s success is our success

We are on your side. We want you, our client, to be successful in your trades and we’ll never take the other side of a position

True heritage

From being founded on Phillip Street to opening our London office, we have been offering our clients the right service for 40 years. At PhillipCapital we strive to consistently do the right thing.

We are on your side.

Explore our history


Pre-dating the PhillipCapital group of companies, King and Shaxson was founded as a discount house in the heart of the city in 1866. Discount Houses played an integral part in money markets and acted as the intermediary between the Bank of England and the clearing banks.


On 18th June, on Phillip Street in Singapore, Mr Lim Hua Min started Phillip Securities, providing solutions for the booming markets of the 70s in Asia. When the market was hot, buying and selling volume from market participants naturally increased, requiring reconciliation of stocks that PhillipCapital was able to perform daily.


The 80’s saw the expansion of the group in Singapore, establishing Phillip Futures. PhillipCapital also became one of the founding clearing members of the Singapore Exchange-Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT)
PhillipCapital began its expansion in Asia in the 1984, launching offices in Hong Kong


PhillipCapital launched the first online trading system, POEMS, a solution to meet the online trading needs of customers and became the first brokerage to bring online trading to Singapore. POEMS is still a popular and reliable platform offered by the group.


PhillipCapital bought city bond dealers, King and Shaxson, with offices in London and Paris, in a move to grow the business in the financial hubs of Europe.


2015 saw the launch of PhillipCapital UK, bringing the group’s retail knowledge and experience of the derivatives market, spanning 40 years, to the UK. PhillipCapital UK aims to grow as a reliable, financially strong and trustworthy partner of derivative traders globally, and looks forward to welcoming you.

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